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Dr. Steven J. Privitera

    "Fear of dentists led me to avoiding them for years.  Unfortunately,the lack of regular dental care resulted in many cavities and eventual pain.  When I could stand the pain no longer, a friend referred me to Dr. Steve.  From the first visit, I was put at ease by his laidback personality, his willingness to take frequent breaks during care, and his concern for my comfort.  With patience, knowledge, and many visits, Dr. Steve resolved my many dental issues.  When my teeth and gums were finally healthy, Dr. Steve worked his magic with cosmetic dentistry, correcting imperfections with veneer facings.  Over the years I have received many compliments on my teeth.
    The office staff have always been helpful, accomodating, and friendly.  Walking into the office is like walking into the home of a family member. Twenty five years after my first visit, I am happy to report that I now need only routine cleanings thanks to the incredible care I have received throughout the years." 
                                                                                                   Cecelia Krokenberger-Patient