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Dr. Steven J. Privitera

How Are You Sleeping?

Getting a good night's rest is critical to both mental and physical health. 
Privitera Dental is working with the experts at Sleep Insights to identify and treat common sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA).  OSA is a sleep disorder caused by blockage of your airway while you sleep.  Not only does the disruption cause you to feel tired and foggy all day, but may contribute to much more serious health issues.  Sleep deprivation can lead to heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and mood disorders.
Loud snoring is the most cmmon symptom of OSA, but there are others.  Use the screening tool below to see if you might be at risk.  Please share your results with Dr. Steven Privitera, and see if a sleep evaluation is right for you?
Answer YES or NO
1. Snoring:  Do you snore loudly ( louder than talking or loud enough to be heard in another room)?
2. Tiredness/ Fatigue: Do you often feel tired, fatigued, or foggy during the day?
3. Observed Apnea:  Has anyone ever observed you stop breathing during your sleep?
4. Pressure: Do you have or are you being treated for high blood pressure?
5. Body Mass Index:  Do you weigh more for your height than is shown in the tables below?
HEIGHT      WEIGHT(LBS.)             HEIGHT        WEIGHT               HEIGHT           WEIGHT           HEIGHT        WEIGHT 
4'10"               167                              5'3"                197                       5'8"                    230                 6'1"                 265
4'11"               173                              5'4"                204                       5'9"                    237                 6'2"                 272
5'                     179                              5'5"                210                       5'10"                  243                 6'3"                 279
5'1"                 185                              5'6"                216                       5'11"                  250                 6'4"                 287
                        5'2"                 191                              5'7"                223                        6'                       258                 6'5"                 295                        
6.  Age:  Are you 50 or older?
7. Neck Size:  Does your neck measure more than15 3/4 inches around?
8. Gender:  Are you male?
Results- Number of Yes answers:
   3+ - You are at a HIGH RISK for Obsrtructive Sleep Apnea.  Talk with Dr. Steven Privitera or healthcare provider.
   1-2- You could be at risk for OSA.  Talk with Dr. Steve Privitera if you are concerned or have questions.